Welcome to the Conv(X) Blog!

12/22/2018 @ 10:54 PM CDT

My main goal for this blog is to explore my academic, professional, and personal interests, write about things I want to learn about in more detail, and become a better writer. For this reason, most of what I write will be strictly informative. Readers can expect tutorials, analyses, and explanations on many topics: computer science, optimization, machine learning, music, and nutrition, to name a few. But the focus for most of my writing is computing and applied mathematics.

This blog is minimalist by design. I expect that my blog posts will vary significantly in length; some will be very short while others may have detailed analyses. Regardless, I aim to present my writing in a clutter-free format. As a result, posts involving a lot of math will be posted as a LaTeX PDF, and posts which don't fit this category will appear in a format such as this post.